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“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” – John F. Kennedy

I have now been a consultant in Leeds for sixteen years and have past the
three thousand milestone. I am pleased to inform you that my overall
mortality is 2.6% – cardiology colleagues attest to the fact that I am not
risk averse. This has been achieve with a stroke rate of less than 0.5%.

We are entering an era where the patient is looking beyond mortality as
a marker of good practice. I am delighted to inform you that there have
been only two wounds problems out of more than 1500 sternal wound
closures since I introduced a wound care bundle in 2009.

I have presented these results nationally and internationally. The nursing
staff can now spot my patients looking at the scar.

I have been running a ‘fit to admit’ process since 2003 and have realised
significant clinical and operational benefits that I have published in peer
review journals. Ninety five percent of my elective coronary artery bypass
patients go home by day five post op and many of those have elected to
go home on the evening of day four. My readmissions rates are some of
the lowest on the country.

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“I had an excellent clinic with Mr O’Regan who asked all the relevant questions regarding my condition and general health. He also gave me a very thorough examination. Mr O’Regan then proceeded to explain my condition in detail and how he intended to rectify the condition under surgery. All this was explained in a professional and relaxed way and in easy to understand language, which left my wife and I confident that I was being treated by a very professional surgeon in a very professional surgical team.”
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“Sparring with my son at 57…”

“The balance between working hard and playing hard is key to a balanced lifestyle. Set yourself some targets, some personal goals.

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