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I graduated from Southampton University in 1985. I embarked upon a surgical career as in Bath. I became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1990. I started out as a general surgeon on the numbered training program in Oxford and rotated into cardiothoracic surgery with Professor Stephen Westaby and Mr Ravi Pillai. I was encouraged to do Cardiac Surgery and after eighteen months I was appointed to the Royal Brompton Hospital rotation. I have had the privilege of working for Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub. I passed the intercollegiate exam in 1999 and was appointed a consultant at the end of 2000 and have been practising in the Yorkshire Heart Centre Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust. I have now done over three thousand adult cardiac cases.


I received a Bronze National Clinical Excellence Award in 2012 and this was renewed in 2016


I worked at the Thrombosis Research Institute in London and obtained a Doctor in Medicine from Imperial College in 2000. I continue my interest in Vascular Biology Dr Karen Porter of the Light Institute in Leeds.

Leadership and Management

I was awarded an Executive MBA with distinction in 2005 as a result of applying a system change to my practice.
I graduated from the Institute of Health Care Executive Patient Safety Officer Program in 2008 and the Nae Bevan Program in 2015 with a NHS Leadership Award in Executive Health Care Leadership.

Training and education

I was president of the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) in 1999/2000. I established and continue to run the Silver Scalpel Award to identify the best surgical trainer of the land. I have received from ASiT a Silver Medal for outstanding contribution. I am an enthusiastic surgical trainer and I was appointed deputy Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of the 2016.


Life is busy. I am lucky to be supported by a wonderful wife. I have a son and two dogs. I was delighted to watch my son get his Black Belt in Karate in 2015 and followed him to receive my first Dan Black Belt in Karate in 2016. Saturday is given over for training together and exploring the mindful and physical arts of Karate

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