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    This is my first Blog

    I am very cognizance of the fact that we live under a constant daily digital deluge of data and opinions. Why on earth would I want to add to this noise? Do I have anything to add? Perhaps not but you will be the judge of that… I would like to start by espousing the […]

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    Black Belt Academy Surgical Skills

    SITUATION We are seeing increasing reports of the lack of engagement and recruitment of new graduates to the surgical disciplines.  There is a dearth of training courses available for aspiring surgical trainees.  It may take up to three years for newly qualified doctors and aspiring surgeon to get to theatre and actually handle surgical instruments.  […]

  • DAVID leading


    QUIPP (Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention) was the buzz acronym in 2012. Personally, I was very excited because I felt for the first time in my career in the NHS that doctors and managers alike would put QUALITY before anything else. I thought this would be the first time we would be sharing the same […]

  • secretaries

    The importance of secretaries in health care organisation

    Part 1 Sarah The importance of secretaries in health care organisations is poorly understood or recognised.  This month our unit said goodbye to Sarah who has been working with us for the past sixteen years.  Sarah has effectively been the front end of our business.  She received telephone calls from patients and clinicians alike and […]

  • Culture and Needs

    Culture and Needs Many companies finding themselves in a predicament start calling for a change in culture. It is also claimed in the business literature that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Modern human resource management (HRM) is no longer a transactional (i.e. pay and conditions) but more translational (ie investing in your employees). I really […]



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